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Different medical posture cushions play different roles

TIME:26-04-2022    HITS:

Mingtai head position cushion is used in prone position surgery to support and protect the head and face. It is convenient to use the anesthesia pipeline and keep the patient breathing unblocked.

Wrist and elbow protection pads: stabilize, protect, reduce arm pressure, positioning straps (right) are used for fixation, avoid nerve damage to the wrist joint, and prevent pressure sores, shoulder protection pads are used to protect the shoulders.

The body position cushion is suitable for protecting the skin of the patient when lying prone, reducing the pressure on the chest, and maintaining a good breathing cycle. It is mostly used for cervical and lumbar spine surgery, positioning the waist belt, and providing safety and stability protection during the operation.

Thyroid pad, a special pad that provides protection for thyroid surgery.

The tunnel pad protects the lower limbs when lying on the side.

Operating table cushion, used in conjunction with the operating table, to protect the skin from pressure sores and nerve damage.

Foot posture cushion: protect the ankle and heel, and can also be used for orthopedic calcaneal traction to avoid the formation of pressure sores.

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