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What is the role of orthopedic beds?

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Orthopedic hospital bed, also called orthopedic traction bed, is a kind of medical equipment that uses mechanical transmission to implement traction. Applying the combination of human physiology and mechanical physical mechanics, it is widely used in various acute and chronic injuries caused by lumbar disc herniation, low back pain, radioactive leg and foot numbness, leg muscle atrophy caused by walking weakness, and traumatic cervical spine fractures, dislocations, dislocations and other symptoms; It can also be applied to clinical symptoms such as cervical dizziness, headache, tinnitus, and abnormal blood pressure.

The main functions of mingtai orthopedic traction bed are as follows:

1. Relax the muscles and tendons of the whole body and eliminate fatigue. The human body is in a state of tension under the influence of external pressure. For a long time, the shoulders and the whole body will lose their elasticity, resulting in tightness of the whole body. The use of medical health care methods can relax muscles and muscles and eliminate stress. Feel relaxed, fatigue disappeared, spirits improved, vitality reappeared.

2. The shoulder and neck elastic health care is equipped with a high elastic support belt design and a back neck sliding pillow, which can traction and support the shoulder cervical muscles and ligaments to expand the intervertebral foramen, so that the herniated and deformed intervertebral discs can be restored and reformed, and the neck pressure can be reduced. Use it to reduce the soreness and discomfort of the shoulder and neck.

3. Safe and effective physical traction that can make your legs slender and beautify the lines can help the growth of leg muscles, so that you can expect to get slender leg lines in a short time, and stretch the waist muscle fibers to achieve the effect of body shaping invisibly. Have beautiful and moving curves.

4. It can help you to correct your posture. Standing up and handsome. With age and the influence of external gravity, it will deform the spine, such as kyphosis, rickets, etc. Regular use of fitness equipment can effectively correct the spine and restore your body to the past. Demeanor, also has a good effect on O-shaped leg correction.

5. It can make you stretch and promote, break through the height and directly stretch the traction, eliminate the adverse effects of gravity on the human body, increase the joint space, relax the tendons, promote blood circulation, and provide a good development space for the growth disc.

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