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What is the function of C-arm CT?

TIME:26-04-2022    HITS:

The C-arm is mainly used for fluoroscopy and spot film in various operations, and can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of systemic vascular diseases. The traditional C-arm can only achieve one-dimensional images, but in minimally invasive interventional examinations or interventional surgery, it is necessary to observe the level image and the accurate positioning of the lesion to evaluate the treatment effect and formulate the surgical plan. C-arm CT is a new technology produced to meet this demand. It combines the cone beam CT reconstruction technology with the C-arm X-ray machine, and scans the patient by rotating the C-arm to achieve three-dimensional tissue imaging. So as to provide richer, more intuitive and more accurate information. In particular, the combination of cone beam CT and large arm CT (DSA vascular machine) can realize simultaneous imaging of CT soft tissue and angiography, which promotes the optimization of angiography workflow, and can display organs, blood vessels and hemorrhage without leaving the DSA room. The CT images of other conditions are convenient for diagnosis; the doctor can evaluate the treatment effect during the interventional treatment process and diagnose the occurrence of complications. This simplifies the treatment process and helps to achieve good treatment effects.

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