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Comprehensive operating table

Mingtai MT2000 (economic model) comprehe

,Comprehensive operat,Products,MINGTAI山东铭泰医疗设备集团有限公司...
  • Details

Technical parameters





Lowest and highest table height

(750-1000) ± 50mm

Lowest table height(optional)


Table lifting height


Forward/Backward tilt


Left/right tilt


Head board up/down


Waist bridge elevator


Leg board down


Leg board evagination


Back board

Up: ≥80°, down: ≥30°


AC 220V 50Hz

Input power


Unique advantage


Multi-function 4 electro-motor surgical table

Table body is stainless steel material

"T" shape base  offer much more space for surgeon

Improved production technology can guarantee the normal products’ advantage

Patents are used to make sure it stability and advancement

Main feature:

1. Electric motor driving system: use Chinese good quality motor, low noise, smooth table motion. Lifting and rising, forward and backward, left ward and rightward and the back plane are all controlled by system, manual head plate and leg plate, easy and convenient for operate

2. Surgical table is steel spray, excellent sealing, the surface polishing, impact resistance, to prevent scratches, wear, and disinfection, easy to clean.

3. Fairily ”T” shape base design supple excellent shock resistance and stability, easy for clear and disinfection. 5 sections board design: head board, back board, built-in kidney elevator and leg board

4. Patented column design is made by Germany technology, which has 4 times safety factor and 8 fasteners which can make it stable5. Patented brake system, when lock the foot brake system, operating table will not move anymore.

5. Patented braking system design: 4 points locking function, when locking, operating table can’t move, to guarantee it stability during operation

6. Leg board can be replication, outreach and removable, convenient for adjusting and urinary surgery.

7. Standard accessories complete: universal shoulder rack 1 pair, universal support rack 1 pair, arm frame 1 pair, leg frame 1 pair, screen wind frame 1, manual control 1 pair  

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